We pursue the developement of new multifunctional polymer materials based on new molecular designs with the knowledge of organic chemistry and polymer science. We are devoted to creating novel polymer materials that are useful for solving problems on health, energy, and environment.

News & Anouncements

  • (Jul, 2018) Congratulations! Eun Jung`s paper, entitled "UV-mediated synthesis of pNIPAM-crosslinked double-network alginate hydrogels: Enhanced mechanical and shape-memory properties by metal ions and temperature " has been published in Polymer.

  • (Jul 2, 2018) Welcome! JangWhan Seok joined our group:).

  • 열정적으로 같이 연구할 대학원생을 모집합니다! (학부생도 환영~) We are actively seeking for graduate students with enthusiasm of pursuing original researches in our group. Please feel free to contact us!!!